Hi guys,
I finally started to begin blogging about my experiences grinding away on the small stakes SNG's and my (hopeful) rise to mid, then high stakes SNG's. So, what's there to say? I'm playing a little under two years and have dedicated my time to becoming a winning player. I'm currently living in the mighty country of Ireland, where i'm also studying in university. The live action aint that great here so i decided to play online more than live (plus, the insults you get online are a 100 times better than the ones you get live). In this blog ill rant about 'stuff' i.e. the idiots, the fish, the monkeys and the Reg's that I encounter while playing online and about certain hands/situations that i think i have played good/bad or that my opponent has played good/bad (Yes we all play hands bad, i know its hard to admit but you are all not Jason Mercier or Elky). So thats all until i bother to write my first proper blog, until then have fun guys!