Session 12

51 $4.50 180 mtt - 112th                            - $4.50

52 $4.50 180 mtt - 47th                              - $4.50

Session Profit                                               - $4.50

Previous Bankroll                                       $50 9.70

Current Bankroll                                         $ 500.70

Total Profit                                                    $388.20

ROI                                                                  165.89%

Only played the two tonight as it was change over day. Managed to get alot of reading done at work recently. Read Shaun deebs guide to 180 man mtt. Thought it was good dont think my game is to far away from what he was saying. Also been reading alot about roi and variance. General consenious is around 40% is top end for these touranments. Im currently running at 165.89 but I no im running good and its over a very small sample. After reading what people are saying even a thousand sample size wouldnt give a true reflection so going to have to keep playing and see how it goes. Variance is a lot bigger than I thought. People are saying its not unusal to go on a 100+ buyin loss so going to have to prepare myself for that if it happens. Think im going to have to play more volume. Iv got the basics now going to play minimum of 4 tables looking to move on to 6 tables and playing for 6 hours.