Session 11

49 $4.50 180 mtt - 34th                           - $4.50

50 $4.50 180 mtt - 71st                           - $4.50

Session Profit                                           - $9.00

Previous Bankroll                                      $518.70

Current Bankroll                                         $509.70

Total Profit                                                    $397.20

Only played the 2 tonight as well as the sunday storm as a bit of a break from these. got unlucky tonight in both one I ran AK into aces. The other I called an all in from the big blind from a button steal he had J9 I had A10 he hit to jacks on the flop.

50 touranments completed now still happy how its going and the profit is still on the upward trend. Lets hope it continues.