i have just watched the lesson's video middle stages, and i found this video very helpful because i play a lot off tournaments and when i get to the middle stages i sometime's don't know how to play certain hands, im thinking about not busting out, winning the tournament or maybe hanging in there to get in the money, im always trying to improve my poker and i think pokerstars is very good at helping poker players improve by showing lots of videos and training players.this video is great that it tells you should start playing a bit diffrent at the middle stages when the blinds start to go up and when its best to limp in and when it's best not to limp in,it also helps showing you when to go all in at the right time and when to raise at the right time. these videos are great because it shows you video clips of hand historys and he goes in depth on each hand and it is good that it shows so many diffrent videos where you are in diffrent positions and you have got diffrent stack sizes. i like to thank pokerstars for these video tutorials.