I hate going to bed without being up for the day. So i played yesterday morning - i was disciplined in the number of tables i played (i think it was 6 in total) and lost them all

THen in the evening, i got an itch to play and i had this massive stupid headache but once youre in a tournie..you cant really stop. So GG, i had to keep going!
It was the longest 3-4 hours of my life! In the evenings playign 45/90man tournaments everyone plays it like a real tournie. So they are waiting for people to bubble out and play so so so so so tight. I swear i was playing the final table for 1.5 hours (and mum was calling me for dinner for ages:/yikes)

ended up 'blowing up' and coming 4th which was kinda gay but what can you do. If you dont want to stick it out and do the hard yards then ...you only got urself to blame

After work today I got another itch to play. What are peoples thoughts on peeling cards in SB? Like 58o . i know its **** but....its u v bb.

I played 2 45 man tounrnie and 1 90 man. BUBBLED BOTH 45 MANS !!1 ARGYHJHGHDJFKJJKADFFDJAJ (ie frustrated).

Currently playing a final table with 5 people so lets see how we go. Bank roll is soooo close to hitting $100. Im thinking ill start a new thread..cos the title of these thread is a bit obsolete now.

Heres a few hands i wanted to share:

I defended 98 in BB and hit the nuts. I slow played it and i put him on A hearts. BOOYA i got it right. No way someone would call down like that and bet like that if he didnt have a heart. And the way he played on the river..thought to myself "yeh, think he has a heart"


Be cautious about blowing up close to the bubble. AK v AQ with so many bigs...its a very very close situation. I had chips to lose which is why i called off with AK otherwise...not sure if i would if i had heaps of bigs and a coin flip would have written me off...actually yeh i might have still played