Played a few sessions today (8?) came 2 lousy 5th places.

Thought I played this one ok...but theres something about it Im not sure about. I think its the whole slow playing...its a good hand..but its not the nuts nuts...i prob should have bet out on the turn after min raising. Wanted to value bet which is why i let him lead out and then did the check raise on his ass.

I've been calling off these agg big chip stacks correctly a few times this week. This is one of them:
My queens were better

Man am i glad to get out of many people in the pot with a hand like AJ. If i dont hit on the flop...generally dont like to stay there with 2 aggressors.

The hand that keeps tilting me is AK...HOW THE HELL DO YOU PLAY IT?!! TILLLLLLLTTT:/

Never wanna play AK post flop GG.

On another note, I did a blonde move the other day and signed up for a $1 tournie (by acc!!) I was chip leader on final table with 15k...this guy had 5k. I had pocket kings...i raised 3x (blinds 600), he reriased so i shove and put him all in. He snap called (I had put him on AK and was right) and he hits an ace on the flop~ luck box.

The point i wanted to make was that it was quite interesting playing the $1 cos i found they played a lot tighter towards the bubble. I only have that one game to use as a sample size but it will be interesting to see what its like when i get to those stakes (hopefully one day!) Bank close...yet so far to $100...