As you might know, ive been trying to build my bankroll and started with $20, busted that. Then got staked with $5 (thanks to my bf who also won the Badugi wcoop tournament!) . All week Ive been playing 8-9 hours straight and railing the poker pro the whole time. 

So looks like we'll be hitting up prague for the poker award ceremony (will share pics) and depending on my bank roll...whether or not i play a live tournie then

I was very proud of him. He gets one of those pimping bracelets. Id love to win a wcoop one day Heck, id love to win ANY big tournie one day

Playing for so long I still get restless sometimes whilst playing and so i do go end up cooking..haha

Bankroll $95.10 as of today. Accidentally played $1 tournie (woops!) and was chip leader on final table!!

I had $15k and a shortstack had $5k, i raised $1200, he reraised to $3000. I thought he must have something like Ak (i had kk) so i put him all in...gets an ace on the flop. Lucky bug.

Still learning the game and learning how to read people. Esp the ones who you make money from ie. donk calling stations and people who love to bluff.

Here's a hand that I played trying to defend my blind and this guy...well...he got owned..

And this can tell by the way people bet the kind of hand they have. This one, the guy tried to c-barrel but there was a flush poss on the table. I kept calling cos i had top pair...and when it got to the river, he checked. (I should also mention on the turn he was betting quite small compared to the pot).

So i thought i would value bet (unlikely he would have a flush and NOT bet on the river) cos i had 2 pair and could rep a flush.

By the time i head back to 'reality' ie work/study on mon (this week has been a poker week!) i hope to hit $100 tomorrow!! Wish me luck!