Due to time restraints, only doing a video a fortnight and i have been very late this fortnight! I havent disappeared off the face of the earth but in fact...disappeared into the poker world. This week, have been grinding it out at 3am onwards (hehe week off study....kinda...after poker i do my studies/work)

Anyway video is out with some hands and bankroll update

Im semi-whispering in the video cos there were people in the next room!

Did some cooking so you can check that out in the vid. I find that these early mornings you have people who just SHOVE first hand with Ax...aiiiiii...so obv if i have pocket kings i snap call (long term probability that i should be ahead right?!) and they hit an ace on the river!!

Will still snap call with AA/KK though. Will I snap call with AK? Probably not...tried that several times this week...too much of a coin flip :/