Todays update on some hands...its very very hard to concentrate and think about hands when you are on several tables. Today was definitely the most intense poker session Ive ever had. I was playing 7 tables and deep in most of them.

This morning started off with me signing up to 4 sng 90mans and i was DONKING off my chips. I was sooooo tired this mornign but i persevered but obv wasnt playing good cos i was calling everything - what a station.

Anyway, after i warmed up...things started getting intense. I ended up coming 3rd twice (dammit! should have at least come second!grrrr i need to be a bit more patient at times), 2nd once and 1st once. Also played the 55c turbo and got 144 (think it started with 6000 peeps?). But coming 144 - you get a measly 2 bucks hahaha. BIG money at the top though. Such coin flips.

Check out the interesting hands below:
1. Pocket queens. I folded..nitty right? but...i would have been wiped out had i called it. i still think it was a good call by folding. Firstly, they were both big why would you risk so much unless you had a really good hand?! No point in getting into a knockout fight.

2. Not sure about this fold with AJ:
He came out very strong...i put him on a very strong pair...and even poss AJ.

3. Not sure about folding pocket 8's was a strange flop - kinda co-ord and id rather not bust out please.Yet...he could have had AJ and just making c-bets...

4. Lost a big chip stack here...bad beat...BUTTTT..still made it to the money so I was lucky Still dont think it was a bad shove - only against one opp and pocket 10s hold up alright

5. Based on the flop and the other players reaction..i didnt think he had anything. he might have had a strong hand as he raised pre against 2 other callers (and another preraise)

6. I had a flush draw with J6s. but didnt want to risk chasing a flush for a big chunk of my stack. So i did fold after a big investment. Might be nitty but there is survival involved.

7. HOT 55cents turbo. Soul reading anyone? On the turn he bet and I shoved with a low 2 pair bc I think he was trying to steal. Put him on a broadway range. ANyway when shoved he folded.

Bank roll: $56 today. I should have gotten more than one first place but I guess its hard to focus when you have a billion 'beeps' going off at once. I think 6 is the max I can handle...even then i struggle a wee bit with it.

One more day of poker tomorrow and then a working week