i could be on a massive heater...
yesterday i played and came 1st and 4th (after signing up for 7 tables). Today, also signed up for about the same number (and the occasional freerolls with Fulltilt and a random 360man turbo for 10cents.


Came 18th in the 360 man for a lousy 36cents :/. Still, fair effort I thought.

PS my next video is out:

Final tabled and came first in 2 90man sngs today. Here are the exciting hands:

1. Felt like I should have value bet but he was so aggro i thought he would try and steal it for sure! What a waste of quads!

2. Was thinking about whether or not folding this was nitty. Someone had already called prior (if he hadnt id snap call fer shizzle!) and i dont really want a coin flip so deep the in the tournie. plus, the guy who had AK and called the all in had a huge stack - too much of my stack at risk so I folded AQ. I will never fold pocket kings tho!

3. Sometimes in poker you just gotta get lucky - AQ v AJ and luckily my AQ held up

4. Had to value bet here cos there was only ONE card that would have beaten me and I didnt think he would have it.

5. an example of my range when trying to 'steal' from a passive player.
I think knowing when to steal is important cos it helps build ur stack.

6. This was headsup and the fish trying to steal...when I actually did have the nuts.