Quick update - i lost my whole bankroll and had to start with another $5...have been waking at 4:30 everyday to play for a good 6 hours as I was away on holidays at queenstown and sydney the past 2 weeks. You can check out my video blog for last week here



Really getting the hang of the MTT. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

Played 3 games today. One 45 man and 2 90 man tournies. Made 4th in the 45man, 21st in the 90man and 1st in the other 90 man.
I swear the final table takes ages to play - an hour in itself.

The winning hand..i called because I put him on a pair of some sort or an Ax. Turns out he had Aces but I was right about the pocket pair. Didnt think he had kings. Anyway, got lucky with a 2 outer but for todays tournie i feel that i played reasonably well. Calling peoples all in with a stack big enough to take them out and choosing spots to steal.


I just got to get my head around 'defending blinds' cos this often gets me into trouble.http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/4367071_92B1B53836

Thought I played this hand well:

This one I lost a big pot...but felt I had the odds to call
Bank roll is $23