Hey guys,


It might look like I've neglected my posts here...well i have BUT here's where you can read my updates. Ive taken poker a lot more seriously now and created a thread on 2+2 forum and a youtube vlog.

Been playing for a few months on and off now but getting such hardcore work ethic - woke up at 4am to grind today!! And just another interesting story - I admit i can play pretty nitty (folding AKs, am i dumbass?!!)

Was playing a 90man 25cent sng

I was down to 1.3 bbs (wweeeee the upside of playing nitty). I know it might seem like bad play but with such small stakes it seems to work?! Let me know your thoughts on the microstakes.

See how blinds are 600?
yep my stack is 817.


AND Then next hand...BOOM


SO anyway, checkout my other sites and subscribe and drop me a line if you have any suggs/feedback or just want to say hi Im a soft fish so i dont bite