Ok, its been almost 3 months since i wrote a blog entry...(and I was so ambitious trying to do one a week) but its very hard to be motivated to write when you're not exactly winning. 

That should give you a heads up on how I've been doing. In addition, juggling a day job (albeit PT), studying and being a PA does keep you kinda busy. So here's a blog I wrote earlier with the intention of putting it up (and will post it on my personal blog too. Argh so many blogs so little time!)

And in the future I might do some video blogs too...I think they're more interesting and more interactive but I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Right, one qu you might ask is WHAT am I going to Vlog about? poker journey!


Post that I was meant to put up when I wrote it in May (please note its unedited so be kind ;P)

I used to play a few years ago and recently started getting into it. Started again in March 2013 to be exact. People who play poker are in it to 1. Make money 2. Win. If you love gaming and hate losing then it seems that you will likely succeed in poker. One has to adjust with the game in order to win.
Similar analogy to life I suppose – if it’s not going the way you want it to, you have to adjust and manoeuvre down a different path to get to the way you want it.

Since I’ve started, I have made an exact ROI of less than 1cents an hour. Not great stats. I have played about 200 sitngoes by now (this is a 6 or 9 player table and 1st-3rd get paid) and maybe 20 tournaments (these consist of tens of thousands of players all competing for literally a few dollars!!! Who doesn’t like free money? :p Anywhere between top 10 to 1000 can get paid. Obviously, the lower one is on the ranking the less money.) Poker takes a surprisingly long time (especially the tournaments) and it can be so heart wrenching when you have played for hours and hours…and just miss out on the money. I’ve been playing almost everyday.

There is a reason why poker players make a lot of money but its not all as glamourous as it looks. You have to sit there and spend hours just ‘grinding’ it out and possibly not even making any money from it. The risk in poker is there – you might not earn anything in a year, then what? That’s the risk one takes.

Coming back to this mini poker journey of mine, I currently have $12 US in the account and it was because I registered with a poker site that offered free money when you signed up. If you are interested, I can send you a link and you get a free $20 to start off. This $20 that I was given is still hovering there. Maybe I’ll make millions one day, who knows?! I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress and let you know if I make it to a final table of a big tournie!
Today: 28th may 2013 played 8000 people tournament and came 329 with a measley 17 cents. Yay.


In the future I'll link my v-log and my personal blog we'll see how we go