I started playing poker again for the first time after 6 years last week (19th March). I first started poker during uni – to be more specific during swot vac (our study week before our big exams). What better way to procrastinate then to play cards with the potential to make some money too?

Despite the potential, I only played a few $1 sit n go tournies and was all up maybe $30 ahead before my passion for the game vanished. I can't even remember the which poker site I used OR what my login was!

The reason for my interest back into poker? Currently studying law and parents are getting on my back about getting a "stable office job that pays well". ie. get a boring job. (no offence to those who actually love law but its not for me). 

My journey has started with watching quite a few videos (esp beginner for sit n go). I found that has been excellent to learn quickly the ins and outs of the different stages for tournaments and what good hands are, how to bet etc. What really helped me was the Pokerstars school and their classes. 

Even though I had read all the lessons on the basics of poker - I managed to fail the test 7 times before i finally passed it today! (Almost 2 weeks later). I also won a free ticket for completing the quiz (yay!)

I have also been watching random poker videos whilst I play so it accelerates the learning process. Even if you are concentrating on the table, you will occasionally pick up something of use in the videos. 

If you are a beginner, I would be selective on what videos you watch. They are some that are very technical and mathematical and to be honest, just went right over my head. If you hate maths and you start watching those, it could put you off poker. 

Instead, you can google stuff on youtube - there's heaps of stuff. ****************** has also been a very good website. There are some videos that you need to have a certain level of status to watch but as a beginner, there's heaps of free videos. 

At the same time, we are living in a period of TMI - Too much information so be selective about what you watch. Some of the poker celebrities have made my opinion they all say relatively the same stuff so just pick one or two people/courses to follow and stick with that. The best way to learn is to play. But what do I know - I'm just starting so we'll see how I go before giving advice!

Pokerstars also offer a FREE $8 bankroll but you have to complete these lessons and tasks first which isn't such a bad idea. I usually rush into things because I'm impatient and structure is important if you want consistency and to improve. So I've signed up to that.

When can I play real money? An agreement has been made that I have to reach 50,000 play money first. It doesn't deserve a $ sign cos it's not real money :p. 

Aim: to NOT be a fish. 

Next post:

- What I've learned so far

- How much I've been playing (I shall start recording stats!)

- Points of improvement

- What I'm doing to UP my game

- Most excitingly - how much I've made so far!

xox Gbear