Finally made first sunday million. Won a ticket. on the $5 spin and Go. Two hours in on the 10th Aniversery Tourney. I began my Dream. Short stack but in nontheless. Feeling shakey the first 10 mins in. for some reason. I felt the feeling I get when making final Table. Maybe It was just the win of the ticket. I only lasted to just before late reg. ended. 35,000 something i believe. almost an hour. I hade 67d. in mid postion. With 16bb.  5500 chips and change so I raise  hopeing for the best. Button calls. chip leader 44,000.

Flop 4d, Qc, 8d. so i Push it In hoping for fold or call with my outs i though i hade.

Turn 9h.

River Qh.

Button flips over Ac, Qd.

Im out.

                                                                                     sad but true. your bud Text807