Hi, Glinding Friends

This is my tall tell of the run i had. no video but ill try to make it short and sweet.

It all started by opening up my site scrolling the tournies id play for that day. When i see 9 people playing for a half hour. On a deep stack tourney of 10,000 starting the avg. was not but 200 above that. so there i was in. Feeling comfort in my entry.

started reading out the table of 1. final table lights on already. seemed cool just entered and at final table. but getting side tracked i get my reads. pick my spots. earn some chips. enteries start comming in 15 min before closeig. 36 total when all said and done. sitting on a great stack plus sitting at a talbe where i got some reads earlier. i was feeling good. watching super novas go out 6,000 chips with 10/7o. lol and seeing all in. donks hit. it had it all. but i kept my game. fairly thight. about two hours in.....break. with 14 remaining,

Final table.. agian lights come on. sitting above avg. looking good. couple thight. folders, and some I call over the top players. and the ones that dont believe. as i have them colored and noted already. tricks i learned watching pokerstars videos. As the title gave away. There I was Heads up For A $215 dollar sunday warm-up ticket right there for the takeing. with about the same chip stacks of 110.000.     i had him maked as a tight folder so i knew. Id have to play tricky so I see My cards 86s black i believe. sitting in big blind. Folp Comes 4c,.. Qh,...8c. being first to acted I place a Bet of 3/4 the pot. Call snap. 6s,.... I hit 2 pair on the turn. im feeling like I got Him NOw. so I Bet 2/3 the pot making it a deal breaking pot. Re-raised me all-in. what i wanted to see Putting him on a AQ. I call leaving me 15,000 to spare. River comes .......Q........    ......... Q? ...... Bang!      

Big Bang,,,,,

I double up. 2 times. Push My 50,000 i made with QJs get called by 10,10. it holds. Out.

                                                                                         ur bud, heart broke,           text807