I guess blogs can be for brags. I played in a PSO Skill League tournament with 4,000 in starting chips and 20 minutes levels. There were 27 runners, so three tables. There was one player who, from very early on, said he had to go and went all-in every hand. He was asked to just go on post & fold. It may have just been a ploy as it turned out as he did play some hands later that weren't all-in, but this was after he doubled up. Anyway, about five on six hands into this I got pocket nines. I limped and he went all-in behind me, as expected. I probably shouldn't have taken a race so early, but he could have had any two cards. He turns over QJ and caught a jack on the end to cripple me to ONE CHIP. Long story short....I played my way through and took 1st. Of course, I got lucky on some all-ins with live cards, but I'm happy with how I played after I got back to a playable stack. A very satisfying experience!