No Limit Hold'em Sit-n-Go's on PokerStars are fun and profitable for me. If you play enough, you'll see just about anything. I had an especially good time when a fortuitous series of events dropped in my lap. I was playing in a $30+3, 9-player, Sit-n-Go and it was down to about five runners. I was about third in chips, so had a little above average stack. I have a tight, aggressive image as I often do. I've allowed the button to steal my blind about three or four orbits in a row. As I was about to fold my big blind to his button steal again I typed something like "next time I'm not going to look at my cards and re-raise all-in". At the time, I had a bigger stack then the villain, but a couple hands later he won a big pot from another player so he now had me out chipped. The big blind got back to me again and I am OVERJOYED to see AA! I am so hoping the button decides to challenge me again. He ends up getting AJ and button raises me, true to my word, I quickly re-raise all-in. He immediately calls -- the entire tables says "lol" or similar and I make a big double up. The story wouldn't be nearly as good if it didn't have the happy ending of me getting heads up with this villain. I end up busting him to win the table!