As I type this I'm in a PSO Skill league tourney. ah, we just went on break. As of this time 51 hands have been dealt and I've participated in 18 of them, having won 9 of them. My current position is 447 out of 746 still left in. The point of all this is to say that you don't have to play alot of hands, you just need to play the right ones. The kicker, no pun intended, is knowing which ones are the right ones! I'm sure everyone has had the killer AA hand and lost. Some of that is betting, some of that is who you are playing ( not always high quality).  Anyways, I'll not rant about that again tonight.  Just remember to be patience, wait for it, it will come, when it does pounce appropriately.

Good Luck!

Update:  ended up 21st! Not bad, still need to work on that patience though!