The second tourney this month ended in a even better finish. Yeah for me! However, the saying the bigger they are the harder they fall is proven true again! 3rd tourney ended in a quick death.
Lesson to be learned here are 2 fold, 1) your never too good that someone can't take you down; and 2) each game is its own. You've got to play and pay attention. I got frustrated on the 3rd game because the dealer god seemed to be against me. I'd get worse than crap cards. So I'd see others winning with crap cards - why can't I? so off I'd go - down the drain. I had set an idea of the level of cards I wanted to play in the 1st 2 games and stuck to it. I watched the other players and deviated a little every now and them, but for 90% of the time I stuck to my strategy. 3rd game all that went out the window.  I'm playing again tonight so I'm going to go back to tried and true.  Good luck to me and to you!