I hear ALOT of the same old complaints over and over and over! This is Jokerstars! Why did the guy call my allin when i clearly have only played big hands all night, and then they give him a set on the flop. I'll tell you why...Because he's not following your game! And that's a damn good thing! There is money to be made. He's like a kid in the candy store , he only sees those pocket 8's and sees visions of sugarplums! He only has the capacity to think about his hand. Thats why its your job ( the advanced player) to pay attention to HIS hands, and anticipate his foolish moves and the possibilities that may arise from said moves! YOU ARE THE MOTORCYCLE! You need to pay 200% attention when on the road with these fools.The fact is Texas Hold Em is filled w/ bad beats, whether you play live or on pokerstars, it's just the nature of the game. So, next time you complain about JOKERSTARS, think about how amateurish it makes you appear. True poker  players know this happens everyday , don't let it get them down, and never blame it on the poker site..... There are some bad players here but they  pale in comparison to the hoards of them at the regular tables.. I have only been playing in the league a matter of days and have already found that most are sincerely working on their game which I find extremely refreshing! Would like to give a shout out to new friends made: attavon51, !!!111dan, and I_am_pcou812, and obiesdaddy. Thanks for all the advice!
See You At The Tables!