Hi everyone , just wanted to let everyone know that I have been working on limit poker and has taken a while to realy grasp it and for the first time last night it was starting to realy click for me . I took some of the skills i have been working on at limit and have been able to use and impliment them in no limit so heres what happened .I took time off from limit so I played in a 5,000 person , 5,000 credit game at Absolute poker .Late in the game I was just under average chip stack and then it happened less then 20 people left and a player over bets his hand and and BOOM for the first time I KNOW what he has .( Some thing I have been working on for a while now .) I say to myself hes protecting a pocket pair and that pocket pair is 10's. With no doubt I had 2 over cards A J un in the bb I proceded to call him andwe were heads up . Oh yea he put me all in with his over bet preflop. When the cards turned over I was so proud that I am now still moving in the right direction. The flop came with an ace and he had pocket 10's . That sealed my bid for the run for top 5 . The call came at the prcise time that i needed it and WOW did that feel great. I did get a couple more hands right and missed a few but that is a turning point for me ,for now . I had been working on my reading skills real hard lately and that has paid off . I went on and finished second and was proud of the way i played the tournement. And I would like to Thank every one here at PSO, members and staff ,for not just the great opportunity but the freindship , commorodity and the help everyone has given . one must remember that what just may help a person might not be so clear to that person at the time ,but we as PSO members may not realise that every time we sit down and play a game at PSO every one of us are learning some thing new threw out each and every game.May not be a big thing but it is some thing that will make you a very competitive player as time goes ,the more a person steps up and is willing to learn . If a player looks back remembers how he /she played when they first started can only say they have improved . I feel that I am improving far more then I had ever imagined . things have been brought to me in a way that yes im at aww with it. that I never realised poker was and is . I still have a long way to go . So again Thank All of you at PSO. and Ill see ya at the tables .