I’ve heard many times that the definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over again and expect different results.  If this is true, I guess I’m crazy. 

How many times must I experience or witness pocket Aces or Kings get beat by someone going all in with 4 3 off suit to know that there is no guaranteed winning hand, before the flop. Yet, I continue to do it.
Everyone who plays in this league has seen a donk build a huge stack by aggressively playing weak hand. And weather its envy or righteous indignation; we want to see them taken down.  So we play their game, and end up having our premium hand go down to a lucky draw on the river. As my mother told me from childhood, life is not fair.

So what do you do?  Remember that this is a month long competition and each tournament can take 3 hours, during which you will see over a 100 hands.  This is a marathon, not a sprint. Learn patience! In my experience, most of the donks who make the start of each tournament chaotic are gone early and are relegated to the bottom of the leader board. I went back and analyzed my scores for the month.  At the time of this blog entry, I’m about 350 on the leader board and I’ve played 38 tournaments.  If I simply change the bottom 12 scores from large negative numbers to -5, which you can probably get by sitting out, I would move up the leader board by 170 positions and be at about 180.  Doesn’t put me in the big money, but does make me feel better. 

So, going forward, I will try to resist the impulse to be either crazy or stupid and push all in before the flop. (But I can’t say it won’t happen!)