OK, I'm in an online SnG hold 'em game of poker and there is a healthy raise coming my way.  Someone before makes a call giving me the ultimare value call with my suited connectors (which should both be live I tell myself) 6 7 (hearts).  I'm holding the button and itching to click the call button as the action comes my way.



Here comes the flop and its a beauty, 66K rainbow. The aggressor comes out with a bet just under half the pot (I laugh inside thinking weak bet, lol - this guy/girl's is gonna get a shock!).  The pre flop caller folds leaving me and my magnificent trips to make a cool and calm click on the call button.  I can't be too eager though, I need to act like the call is a struggle.  So I wait.  Those annoying pokerstars pips sound 3 times and then the counter starts buring down.  About half way I say to myself and click the call button. Turn card lands and its a 7 giving me the boat!

Booyah! I love this game when its this easy, CHECK says the pre-flop aggressor and CHECK I say (dont want to give it away that I'm about to take the punk down!).  The river is a deuce and I am faced with a 3 quarter pot size bet.  Oh no, you're not going to get away that easy my friend.  Maximum extraction from every winning scenario is my motto, so I start my act again. BIP BIP BIP and my timer starts drawing down.  I'm not slamming it all in as that would be a bit obvious and that may cause a fold.  I want chips I tell myself. The last (*ahem* comfortable) second before my timer is done I click raise - no slider - no max - just raise.  I lean back satisfied and proud. Gonna watch them squirm me thinks. Oh one second, the idiot's push all-in.  I have their stack covered (just) so its an easy call for me.  I am looking at the pot size trying to work out how many chips I will be clear of everyone else.




Yep, you've guessed it! The chips go sliding the wrong way.  My eyes open wide and focus in on their cards.  KK.

Noooo! You idiot Tas! Why why why! I have one big blind left.  Whats the odds on that! The gamblers mentality kicks in.  I'm so unlucky I tell myself.  I would have been clear chip-leader! 


I go out next hand of course, staring at the screen, empty inside wanting to scream!


Why didn't I think?!?


I could have just called the river and had chips left.  I could have folded that stupid hand - after all it was a 7 high!


The truth is I did not have the nuts, so why was I playing like i had the nuts?  It looked so good, and when the turn came I was planning what I would be doing with the chips. Worse then that is that it is not the first time it has happened to me either.  The human psyche, eh?  We tend to forget pain when we are feeling good.  I mean if women would remember the pain of childbirth then they would not consider having another child, would they?


Greed .....


My name is TerribleTas and my record online is not the best! (can you tell...)


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