Who am I?
Well I'm TensTT - a young and ambitious pokerplayer from Antwerp, Belgium
I am also a beginning pokerplayer (play since april 2012) but I feel and see I'm getting better every day !

Where/What do I play?
At Pokerstars and there I usually play sngs
☑90 players, 0,50$ Turbo (don't play them anymore)
☑90 players, 1,00$ Turbo (don't play them anymore)
☑180 players, 2,50$ Turbo

I will only play sessions of 16 tables at once (16x 2,50$)

What are my objectives?
✅180 players, 3,50$+R Turbo (January 2014)
✅180 players, 8,00$ Turbo (January 2014)
✅180 players, 15,00$ Turbo (July 2014)

I'd like to learn everything about poker so if you are also interested in pokerconversations like friends do, you can easily add me on Skype (pokerpaenen)  
There's always a free rail available, if you want to, simply add me on Skype and I'll will give you the link.

It would be a pleasure to meet you guys here, on Skype or maybe at the tables

Any questions?
Skype: pokerpaenen
Mail: roypaenen@hotmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/roy.paenen

Roll now: 856.87$

Goodluck to myself