Someone responded to my last post about the morons in the open skill league tourneys who aren't even in the league...the advice I received was fair but it basically boils down to the fact that while I agree that they are open skill tourneys, they should be open to anyone WHO JOINS THE LEAGUE!!!!!   If they're not in the league they shouldn't be able to play because they have nothing to lose by playing like a bunch of slobbering idiots playing in a loony bin...has anyone ever noticed that the league leaders never win the freerolls and those that do are either at the bottom of the standings because the suck but got lucky or they're not in the league at all...So I ask again WHERE IS THE SKILL INVOLVED IN SITTING OUT ESSENTIALLY UNTIL ALL THE MORONS (EXCPET THOSE WHO DOULBE OR TRIPLE OR QUAD UP) ARE GONE?  If anyone has an answer to that question I would love to hear it....because the way the league is set up right now it doesn't reward skill of any kind rather it rewards sitting out until you reach the top 1000 or so in a freeroll and then just hoping to double up to stay alive longer...and the more tourneys you do this in the more points you again I ask WHERE IS THE SKILL?