Wow , after 1 month of studying the pages, reviewing them over and over again , studying the starting hand chart , taking notes and racking my brain on what I was missing, I finally succeeded at 79%.
That quiz was hard (very hard) but with perseverance you can achieve your goals. Thank you PokerStars for these courses it does make you a better player in the long-run. Now time to hit the tables and put my new skills to test.
For all of you`s that are trying to pass the quiz and don't pass it!   don't give up , search around and eventually you will be victorious.
PS: Here`s a quiz
You hold a QQ and the villain holds a AJo. The board: 9c-6d-8h
So I ask the villain how many outs do you needs to improve your hand
He`s response : Doesn't matter how many outs I need to improve I'm Russian