Team USA continues its undefeated run in the America's Cup of Poker. We finished off Venezuela last night and should be 5-0 once Pokerstars updates the team standings page. Canada and Mexico each gave the ol' Red, White and Blue a good run for our money (or should I say, chips?), but our sheer superiority of numbers carried the day.

The individual standings for the four spots on Team USA are also a battle. I have been compiling the results of each tourney into a spreadsheet, and below are my UNOFFICIAL top 20 through last night's (April 4) $11 shootout with Venezuela.

I have awarded the players points when they finish in the top 100 of one of the matches, but the player totals do not reflect the additional points that you get when you participate in an event but don't make the top 100, so these numbers are guaranteed to be WRONG. I am posting this just for kicks and giggles and becuase I know a lot of people are anxious to see where they sit in the standings (how can you 'sit' in something called the 'stand'ings?).

I repeat, these numbers are UNOFFICIAL and should not be construed as the official Team USA individual standings! I reserve the right to be off by several thousand points in these standings. If I've got your score wrong, or you think you should be listed and your not, just wait for the official standings to come out!!

Albatross, who some have said is a PSO alum, continues to lead, followed by foldin 11 in second place.

1. Albatross75 17,444
2. foldin 11 15,784
3. xmanmitch 13,785
4. ltsporter 13,695
5. JJems 13,541
6. teepack 13,363
7. Cougars4444 12,819
8. igotdblues 12,758
9. DocMicro 12,478
10. GiftGiver 12,396
11. tigatele 12,325
12. Loxnessi 11,845
13. johnymac111 11,515
14. cpt.quiver 10,985
15. fivestud 10,766
16. kyndlyon 10,200
17. mitsubishiso 10,015
18. FC Levski 8,884
19. earlscrugg 8,453
20. doncjone 8,379