Two rounds of the America's Cup of Poker are in the books, and the U.S. is off to a roaring start with a 2-0 record in match play.  Brazil, Argentina and defending champion Canada are also 2-0.

The USA does have a little bit of an advantage - okay, maybe a HUGE advantage - in many of these matchups just due to the sheer number of players from the USA playing. In some of the freerolls, USA players outnumber their opponents by about an 8-1 margin, so it's just a given that more USA players will finish in the top 100 than their opponents.

The fight for the four spots on Team USA is also an intriguing battle. The current top 20 standings show foldin 11 in first place with Albatross in second. However, Albatross recorded top 100 finishes in both the $0.11 and the $1.10 tourneys last night and, according to my unofficial standings, has now vaulted over foldin 11 into the top spot, with foldin right behind.

I've met some really neat people playing in this tourney. Foldin 11, who was on the Team USA squad last year, DocMicro (I think he may have been on the Team USA team in 2009) and Cpt. Quiver are not only great players (all currently rank in the top 10 in the individual points race) but also great guys to play against.

I am doing okay so far. I have made it to one final table and finished 16th in the $1.10 tourney last night. I had a golden opportunity to pick up some much-needed points in the $0.11 tourney, but made a bad decision to "press the hole" - using football parlance - with an A-9 and wound up going out in 115th place. Hindsight tells me to fold those cards - or at least just try to limp in from a middle position - when that close to the points. Considering how low my stack was, my focus should have been on getting as far into the top 100 as I could, instead of gambling on decent cards and trying to pick up a few blinds.

Tonight Team USA's battle against the Rest of Latin America team continues. I've got my ticket for the $0.11 and will also play in the freeroll and the $1.10, hoping to win a spot in tomorrow's $11 finale.

Maybe if I get lucky, I can get my name on the top 20 leaderboard at some point! Wish me luck!!