I am playing in the America's Cup of Poker, and it has been a lot of fun so far. I have so far earned three tickets into the 11 cent tourneys through those madcap 6-table freerolls and have paid my way into the first two $1 tourneys and the first $11 tourney. I just earned my third 11-cent ticket this afternoon, advancing to the final table and then wiping out 5 Argentines!

I made it to the final table of last night's $1 matchup against Chile (or was it Argentina) before going out in 7th place when my 66s were beaten by a flush draw on the river (oh so close!). I also had a 52nd place finish in the first $1 tourney, and tonight I am going to be in the $11 tourney (thanks to the entry I won in last night's $1 tourney).

I can't wait to see how the USA is doing when Pokerstars updates the standings.

Let's go USA!

The great thing about this competition is that the entry fees are so reasonable, and those zany freerolls that give you tickets into the 11 cent tourneys are an absolute scream! I saw a table once where all 6 players went all-in on the first hand! I just wish Pokerstars would keep more of those things rolling. Sometimes it is very difficult to actually get into one because they fill up so quickly. They must have a limit to the number that can be active at any one time, which is probably why they come open so infrequently.