I am going to attempt to do a "live blog" during the Sunday Million tourney this Sunday (March 6). As you know, this is the biggie with a guaranteed $5M prize package! I am going to give it a go and see how long I can last. I've played in three of the Sunday Million tourneys so far, with a best showing of 63rd back in February. I flamed out really quickly on my first try back in December, and last until about the top 1500 or so at my latest effort a week and a half agao.

Since you can't do a real "live blog" on this site because it takes the moderators awhile to be able to approve all the posts, I will create the post on Friday or Saturday with my tourney preview edition, and then I will update it via the Comments section as I am playing on Sunday. I will at least check in during the break at the top of the hour each hour, and i will provide special "bulletins" as news breaks or events warrant (i.e. if I win a big pot, or get beat on a bad river, etc.).

If you are going to give it a try on Sunday, let me know how you do! Thanks a lot, and good luck. Here's hoping one of us PSO students is driving off in the Lamborghini come next Monday morning!