Ever since I got my two big paydays last weekend, I have started playing at some higher stakes STT. The style of play is much different at a $60 table than what you get at a $6 table, that's for sure. Play is much tighter, and the blind stealing starts at the smallest levels.

it is not uncommon for action at a 9-seat turbo table to go through 30 minutes without anybody going out, and then have the table finish up in the next 15 minutes. I definitely like this style of play much better, because there is a lot less flush chasing and straight chasing going on. Not many people call an all-in after the flop if they have 3 suited cards, including the ace. At the smaller tables, you get that kind of play a lot. Unfortunately, for some reason, that style gets rewarded a lot in on-line poker. I don't know if it is because people chase more, and therefore it seems like they hit more, or what it is. But you definitely do not see that type of play at the larger stakes tables.

What you do see is a lot of folding and tight play. You can use that to your advantage as well, but you definitely have to pick your spots. I was at a table yesterday, and one of the players didn't play a single hand in the first 25 hands. Then she hit AA and went all-in and got somebody to go with her, and she doubled up her chip count just like that.

The style of play is definitely more conservative, but the rewards are much bigger! So far, after my first two weeks of playing these high-stakes tables, I have increased my bankroll by $1,000, to almost $4K. I hope I can keep it up!