Whenever I get AA or KK, I pretty much just go all-in pre-flop and hope 1 person comes with me. If it is early in the tourney and the bllnds are still small, I might raise 5x BB and then go all-in after the flop, depending on what I see. I just don't know how to play JJ or QQ. My gut tells me to go all-in and try to scare everybody away, but I usually wind up losing because somebody will call and hit an ace on me. I've gotten to the point now where I just call the BB and then wait for the flop and see what happens. If I don't hit a set on the flop, but no A or K comes up, then I might push all-in then and hope somebody has an A with the top card on the Board, and they will think they've got me. If I'm in late position and nobody has called, then I will typically just bite the bullet and go all-in and hope to get some blinds. What do ya'll do it?