Yesterday afternoon I won my second multi-table tournament on PokerStars. I took first place in a 90-seat Bounty tourney ($5 entry fee plus $1.25 bounty on each player). I ended up collecting 10 bounties (including my own) by knocking out 9 different players to go along with the $124 first-place money, so it was a great return on my investment. Fate was on my side, as I never lost a single showdown when I had taken a player all-in, including the last hand of the tourney when I completed a straight on the river to knock out the final player. Fortunately, I got a few bounties very early in the process. I only had to survive one all-in when somebody could have knocked me out; otherwise, on all the other all-in showdowns, I had the biggest stack.

It was interesting to see how the final table played out. When it got down to the final 5, one player had nearly five times as many chips as the second place player, and then the rest of us were all within 5,000 chips of each other, from about 15,000 to 20,000. The player who had the big stack played very aggressively and kept trying to force all-ins pre-flop in an attempt to collect bounties, and he did not succeed. He called an all-in he shouldn't have (I think he had a 10-and-8 suited) and lost about 20,000 of his chips. I eventually knocked out the fifth- and fourth-place players and built my stack to about 40,000, whereas the first-place player still have more than 80,000, and third place was less than 20,000.

The third-place guy took another chunk of chips from the leader when he made yet another ill-advised call on an all-in, and when it was down to us final 3, me and the guy in second had about 45,000 chips each, and the leader had around 80,000. After several minutes of aggressive play (lots of pre-flop raises and folds), I finally took out the third place guy and then finished off the former leader in about another 10 minutes. After playing very aggressively when he had a large stack, the guy got very conservative with a small stack, and I eventually started going all-in pre-flop on every hand before hitting the winner on the first time he called.

That was a great way to start the new year, and I hope to get some more tournament wins before all is said and done! Or at least before I blow through my stack.