Losing with AA is one of the worst feelings in on-line poker, especially when you realize that the reason you lost is you misplayed the hand and let somebody hit a winning hand on you. I usually go all-in preflop when I have AA, and my hope is that one person - and only one - will call. I feel confident that AA will hold up most of the time in a heads-up situation, but if you wind up with 3 or 4 people going against you, you could be in trouble. Sometimes I will merely call with AA if I am early in the betting and then hope that somebody after me will raise. When it gets back to me, then I usually go all-in. Occasionally, this strategy backfires as nobody raises, and then somebody hits two pair on the flop, or gets 4 parts of a straight or flush and decides to chase and lucks into a winner on the turn or river. That's why, for the most part, I go all-in with AA preflop.

If I am the big dog at the table, sometimes I will slow play it and hope that I can either hit a set, or let somebody else with a smaller stack think that their pair of kings is a winner and then call their all-in after the river.

How do you guys play it?