Hi all,
Greeting with all the respect to all players on PokerStars
For those may have a little bit of interest to know me, My real name is Jimmy or you can call me Teddy
Firstly, I just love "Poker" and I always have being dream about going to the WSOP as most of you would...haha that's not all but in reality I am broke on my poker bankroll,(Not suprised!) and that was in 2010, from then I stop and play poker, till early this morning as I woke up I saw my special "deck of cards" that I brought specially as my lucky charm and I always placed it next to my LCD screen, and IT somehow just fall from the table and with cards flying everywhere onto the ground, then I felt terriable about it. I just gonna do something you know  Therefore, I am back.

OK!, Back to my topic my challenge! 

Well, last year i did turn $0.02 USD into aprox. $160 USD within 2 weeks, however i lost it all again due to my terriable bank management skills LOL! funny hey! I think most players biggest problem are the management skills on they $$$. However, now I am trying to turn 0 dollar into (something) within this comming weeks before X'Max HOHOHO... I know this isn't new as a lot of Pokerstars players have done it.
But, I am willing to do it again, and by ME the TEDDY hahaha

Info. about this challenge!
* No deposit!
* Only playing 100% pure Freerolls to start with
* Listening to Classical music while i play! HAHAHA!
* Having my special "DECK" placed on my table

So, I will trying to update each to and telling you guy about what's happening day by day!
and... wish me luck. Cause I might need it LOL