Hi everyone.Im new to this whole blogging thing, but I have read others and really enjoy them and I would love feedback from readers.




I am (im guessing like many) a recreational player. I generally top up my PS account with €7.50 (euros) or just over 10 dollors. This keeps me going for a bit before I lose it all again. I play 1.50 SnG games along with some .25c Multitables-Although I do at times find these boring as they can take an age and they are much harder to place in I find.

I am at a turning point in my poker hobby.

I have joined PSO and have become more knoledgable about the game for sure, but it still hasnt helped my bankroll. The highest I made it to was 40 dollors, and again like many others I began to dream of getting to that next level. While I thought I was playing the same way that got me to this point, my bankroll just got drained again and again and their I go throwing away another 10 dollors. Right now im at €6.50. I continue to play 1.50 SnG and .25c MTT. 

I have been playing poker for a few years and have been on PS for around 2 yrs. But I am at a crossroads... the crossroads has lead me to the following questions:


-How in the hell did I get to 40 that 1 time and then get busted again and again ever since?

-Am I kidding myself thinking that my game has improved when clearly my bankroll is telling me otherwise?

-Is it really a game of skill when you get hit with nothing but cold cards and bad beats?

- Does math REALLY matter?

-Can I actually build a bankroll on 10 bucks?


I would love to hear some comments from other players who may have experienced the same bad luck!


I will continue to play for now but I have become increasingly frustrated with this "Murphys law" that is following me around the tables..."I take the pot once he doesnt hit a 6. Theres the turn its not a 6...theres the river....SICK!


Bust again. 

No matter.Bust again.Bust better.


Please let me know what you guys think...