I would like to begin by rambling abit lol, I'm not sure why I began playing poker, probably a few too many drinks lol j/k.  After watching EPT8 in monté carlo on tv I decided to start playing esp. when one of the players said they had everything paid for by Pokerstars, my eyes nearly popped out my skull lol. 

I was abit unsure on how to start out so I hit the Pokerstars website, to my suprise and delight there was an advert for PSO.  Wasting no time I quickly signed up and started the bankroll builder promo.  The first thing I noticed was all the teaching meterial so much to choose from.  I remember thinking 'this is going to take a while lol'  but anything worth doing shouldn't be easy, that takes the fun out of it. 

I've been playing now for just under a month.  I'm half way through my bankroll builder promo although my next set of tasks look challenging I'll look forward to gaining more expirence in trying to complete them.

Goals for the next month; Finish the bankroll builder promo. Join the Open league

One thing I'm sure of, I chose the right place to learn one of the most exciting games in the world!!

Oh and the staff are top notch too (could it get any better?? lol)