Today I am starting my journey which I predict is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster! This series is all about building a bankrole of $50 up to as much as I can all within a year. 

I am no professional poker player I just play for fun in my spare time, however over the last couple of months I have taken poker alot more seriously. I have read a number of great poker books and watched endless amounts of videos on youtube and poker training sites to help better my overall poker ability. I have never won any big prizes from playing poker so during this journey as I hope to build my bankrole you can share every achievement of mine with me along the way. 

Support will be greatly appreciated as I know im not a great poker player, so any tips or help along the way will be very much appreciated. I have set up a Youtube Channel and Twitch account; this is then allows me to share with you every key an important hand I take part it, and also it gives me the ability to show you my progression from playing micro stakes poker to hopefully some medium stake action in the next couple of months.


This series is very similar to Jason Somerville's Run It Up Series, however Jason Is a poker pro with lots of knowledge of the game, I on the other hand am some what of a novice therefore the challenge to build my bankrole of $50 into something will be very challenging but with help an support I am sure we can suceed!

I want to prove to the world, that anything is possible when you put your time an effort into it giving it everything you have with support from others you can complete your dreams!

See you guys at the tables!

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