I was playing last night and the play ended up three-handed. Blinds were 100/200. I had a KQ suited with 30000 chips. I had everyone at the table covered. The guy to my left checks and another raises so I decided to push all-in. The guy to my left calls putting him all in and so did another player, also putting him all in. The player to my left had A10 suited and the third guy had a 4 6 off suit. Well when all was said and done the guy with the rags takes the hand with a straight and knocked out the player to my left. So I say to the winner of the hand, "NH". Then the player that got knocked out says something about the player with the rags being a "Moron" and called me a Moron for saying nice hand to him. Look, we all know that not everyone plays good poker and rely solely on the luck part of the game. The way I see it is we have to expect that kind of play from some people and roll with the punches. I personally think Phil Helmuth is an idiot with all the crying he does. When was the last time anyone saw him place in a tourney yet he is constantly complaining about bad players. If he can't adjust to the bad players then maybe he should find something else to do. I told the guy in the game I was in that I was just being polite like we should be but he wouldn't have any of it so I said well have fun watching the game then because you are no longer in it. Go cry in your beer or something. I ususally don't let people like that affect me but he started in with the "moron" bit so I let him have it. What I'm saying is, people just shut the heck up on how bad the play is and just roll with it. Sometimes you have to conform to the bad play but complaining get's you nowhere. To me, you complainers are the morons.