Ok,  for my first blog post on PokerStars I feel I should talk about my experience in "The Hot $44[Turbo, $25K Gtd] where I made it to the final table of 1200 entrants, was on low stack of the 9 and finished the tournament for a personal best ever in a multi with over 1K players.


Naw, I have a lot to learn still.  I'm only half way through the PokerSchool training, and still reading the section on "Single Table Tourneys".  One thing I will say though, I've been playing a lot of Single Table Tourneys, STT's to be exact, and the experience I've gained from that really did get me to the final table.  How?  By stealing blinds in position with rotten cards.  Also, knowing when to be agressive and when not to be.

One other tip that stuck in my mind was a video I wactched on my iPhone from an app I downloaded for Phill Hellmeuth's poker calculator where he talked about Multi Table tournaments and getting to the bubble.  Everyone plays very tight and almost skittish just trying to get to the money.  I took this advice and ran with it.  With about 10 positions to eliminate before we were in the money, I started stealing blind after blind after blind.  Took 3 in a row, folded 2 hands, then took 4 more.  Didn't want to make it too obvious, but it gave me a huge boost and was able to put me into the top 10 chip count.

Now that I'm done....

I'm going to continue my poker training here at PSO and get through the reading material and tests.  I played a lot of poker with friends and small local tournaments and long ever ago on "other poker sites", and thought when I started back up again in October 2012, that I knew quite a bit.  After playing here at PokerStars (love it here btw), I realize I have so much to learn.

Thanks for reading!  Was very pleased to make it to the final table, you will all see me at final tables more often, you can bet your 7 / 2 on it ~!