Here's the play by play 792 began - very early on 3 all in - AJos - split the third person's chips when opp #2 also had AJos - up to $2250 and in 26th place Won a bluff with A5s in the big blind - gained $100 Table will not allow limping - 2 sitting out A6s - three all ins - made a flush on the river - $6045 - 8th place. 18 minutes into tournament. Time to play really tight until the bubble bursts. 171 get paid so should be no problem. 620 still left Another player just doubled up and is now the chip leader at the table with $8k+. See if aggression remains high. Now have 4 at table sitting out - gets dangerous here playing hands with leader to my left. Table folded when I min-raised with pocket 3s. Have dropped to 19th place Just won a 4-way unraised pot with a pair of 6s. Luck is holding Pocket aces - gained another $2k when i got an ace on the river - $8K+ - 500 left at table - 14th place. Pocket queens under the gun - gotta play em - gained another $2K when only villain folded on river - wonder if he had kings? $9600 but still in 14th - tourney leader has $21K+. 37 minutes into tournament - first table move - player with 16 K to my left. First hand was AKos - no takers on 3-bet. Uh, oh - 7 no shows at the table - heads up with villain - just lost $2K with AQ to his Ah flush. Now I lost another $2K to his straight. Got a third player. Lost $3K to his flush. Down to $3700 and 120th place. Only 48 minuAnd no, I have not been playing junk hands. AQ suited or above. Unfortunately the board has paired me but helped the others more. Just busted out in 348th spot. QJs did not make flush or straight. Lost to J10o that flopped a pair of10s. Knew I should have clicked on the sitting out button for an hour. Oh well, lost $.15 probably. It's the rapid fall rather than the lost money that hurts. L8r. Hope you enjoyed.