The summer is finally over and I can now go back to studying, but first I want to share my poker experience from this time period. In between job, working out and helping out at home, I tired convincing my family that it was smart of me to play since I could make money.


Starting at 100dollars I was grinding the 0.50 180/360 man turbos, they didn't load fast, so at 180 dollars I mixed in cheap MTTs, which turned my sleeping schedule around - just to get the best tournaments into my grind. Eventually hit 300dollars through grinding and started playing 1 90/180 since they were almost never loading I had to mix in 0.50s again + MTTs. And soon I hit a 1k score in the hot 3.30 - what's frustrating about that score was that the entire table wanted to deal, so did I, but my chat was banned(no deal happend, went from CL to third).

(Starting to find back to my old game)


With a 1k bankroll I could finally grind the 2.50 180man, and I knew those would load, remember I had to adjust my game here, the bubble was slower, but busting one didn't mean anything since they were ALWAYS loading - took away some tilt! Here I started hitting an upswing by shipping 5 180man in a day, and a few days later winning the 3.30 for 638dollar(this time I made a deal).

(Another float)


2k roll meant that I would play a lot more tournaments, still mixed in SNGs and 0.27 MTTs. Here I started losing some money and figured I had to approach my bankroll managment a little differently, I also changed my strategy in rebuy tournaments. I was always pushing myself out of my comfort zone, playing inside what I could afford, but mentally I was nervous playing 5-10dollars MTTs(but I knew I would defeat them with a smile in time). Went on to ship a few cubes and get a lot of deep runs and had a bankroll at 3k.

(Final table call, with 1.5k to the winner)


Here I had to drop out the low MTTs and all SNGs, wasn't able to keep at good ROI in the 2.50s and the lower buy ins didn't motivate me, since winning one tournament there was around 10 buy ins for the highest I played. This meant that I experienced a lot more variance, and it was weird to see a chunk of money dissappering every day. Took a few shots and hit a 4k score in the 27 KO, one sunday to boost my bankroll, has since then had a lot of deep runs, but hasn't closed anything. My graph is going down for the moment, but I just had a 15hour session on a sunday with a lot of shots, so it's normal.

(Also included folding into my game, this was a 11dollar ft - with 800dollar on top)


Now I'll go back to studying, I think I'll go back to grinding 2.50 180man when I have time, less risk, but still money to be made and skills to be perserved. Might come back for some micromillions or sunday sessions, but I think I'm close to quitting/having a long break again. I would however advise people with questions, to ask them, so that I could share my little experience. I'm very happy with my volume and my play, there might be something I can help you with.