From playing 12 hours a day to playing 12 hours a month – I’ve become the recreational player. The feeling of having regressed over the course of my time playing poker is something I’ll have to live with. What happened and why is this even remotely interesting to you?

I used to be this fearless, arrogant and overly aggressive player who had one thing on his agenda and that was playing poker, only first place mattered. I played without discipline and I played a lot, which lead me to the feeling of being burnt out, and still feel like I am. I had nothing to show from poker; no money – and simply explaining how good I was, was ever enough.

I’ve changed the scenery; from being at a high competitive level with my sport and feeling like I was going somewhere in poker. To now being a student who’s at school for 8 hours everyday and getting good grades. We possess this amazing potential as human beings to do whatever we want, there are no limits to what we want – only how much we want something. I couldn’t open a book before I started studying, I remember last time I was in school I wouldn’t even read before the exam. Doesn’t mean I didn’t get average grades, but I’m not here to be average. I was placed on this earth to preach and become the best version of myself.

I’ll take you on a journey and shed light on my views on life and the philosophies I believe in. I’ll draw parallels between what I’m writing about and poker, so that it doesn’t seem irrelevant. Sometimes I wont do that, simply because I want you to think and make your own beliefs using your imagination and make up your own meaning of the relevance. You’ll grow tremendously during this adventure, take part, I’ve got a lot to talk about.

This is more of an introduction; I am still playing poker and try to squeeze in as much as possible between studying and working out. I’m currently grinding 0.50 180/360man and occasionally mixing in tournaments for max 1% of my bankroll. I’ve got a great plan within my comfort zone. Poker is no longer the top priority; it’s fourth on my list. Making a priority list is what I’ll talk about next time.