This month was great, and I have the Open Skill League(OSL from now on) to thank for that! I was waking up early every day trying to put in as much volume as possible to be able to compete for the 1.500 dollars on top for the winner.

After not realizing how much volume OSL required I had to motivate myself, and in an attempt doing so I created a controversial and hostile post on the forum claiming that I’d win it all. However, stating something like that is like saying you will win the lottery, which in fact is quite ironic considering how the promotion for this league is that “tournaments often feels like lotteries, play this league and we will reward consistency.” Because what does the players in this league do? They clock, blind out while waiting for monster hands(HELLO LOTTERY). I had a different tactic, but always fell back to the standard ABC-play that everyone in the top 500 is sticking to hence making a post on the forum saying the “luckiest” player will be the winner.

There’s a lot of deeper strategic approaches to this league however the very simplification of how to do it is the cookie-cutter way meaning; endless volume, mindless playing - #1 is the lucky guy. You have all sorts of lucky factors deciding points; winnings flips, getting monsters, getting action on monsters, being at the same table as other contesters, being on a table where people see a lot of flops and uses a lot of time, changing tables before big blind, people busting right before your big blind, winning rags when all-in, getting hands when short, flopping nuts etcetcetc. I could go on forever – but man this league was a lot of fun! I gave up on the 27th simply because I still needed to put volume in my SNGs to make 150VPPs for the Premier Skill League and because OSL was just making me tilt. Would also like to mention that I’m a big risk and big reward type of guy, and this frightened way of playing this league and taking the point system into account wasn’t really my style.

With a 50dollar bankroll and lack of motivation I didn’t start playing turbo SNGs before the 11th. And while I was grinding hard to make it big in OSL it was hard to fit those games into my multitabling, although I did do it sometimes – but it was more annoying than “fitting”. It was very difficult when you consider how tired OSL made me and how tilted I got after busting the games to put in some solid work ethic for a big session. There’s a four hour gap between every game, the faster I bust the less motivated I would be to have a session, the longer I lasted, the closer it was until a new game started and I couldn’t really start a session. And some days I had work and I’m working out and playing matches for a total of four times a week – so it wasn’t easy!

I was grinding .50 45/90/180 man, occasionally putting in some fitting MTTs >.50, so there wasn’t many. Eventually after taking a break from OSL I managed to get past 100dollars, and taking shots at the 1 90man as well. I played a total of 722 games and my bankroll is now 88.61. I didn’t run too well deep, but I’ll grind it out in February and get further and closer to my goal.

In a way this month was a very compelling start to the adventure of building my bankroll. Looking back and just reading through notes from sessions, looking at marked hands, results and everything even remotely related to poker this month I just feel satisfaction! A lot of people will stress their bankrolls, just like I’ve done in the past – and it has taught me valuable lessons. Not only do I know how good I am, but I have nothing or no one to show or believe me for it, considering my small bankroll. But this month I have boomed one hand, it will be fun looking back in a few months thinking this is what I grinded, this is how far I’ve gotten after that! Just thinking about where I was ten days ago is an inspirational way to motivate me as an individual to push forward and hope that the future will be a pleasant present(double meaning). 

I have a lot of interesting hands at boom, and if you want to sweat it out with me live at the tables just search for me or if you want to go to boom for endless replay pleasure: