New Year is the perfect time for resolutions and reflection – either by dwelling on the past or dreaming about the future. And we often find ourselves asking questions like “what do I want?”, “how can I achieve it?”, “how long will it take until I give up and realize this was stupid, only to convince myself next year that I’ll have to follow through…?”.



Do you want to be good at something? Preferably you want to be standing out of the crowd by being better than others. Do you want to be special, talked about and be in the spotlight? If you are one of those who want to blend in and be normal… then what’s the point of trying to achieve anything? Only the best achieve, the rest underachieves.


What’s so good about being special? Well, the best thing is that you don’t care about others than yourself, and you don’t need a big holiday, end of year, special month or a perfect day for you to start your epic adventure towards achieving your main goal! Why be like everyone else? Boring, and extremely predictable – that’s not even a positive thing at the poker table! Seize the day and start realizing that every day is important, and every day is special; because the days that you work towards something are the days you are achieving.


What are your plans for next year? Win a lot of money, get in some more volume and start working out? When did you make those plans? Start of December, middle or end? So if you have spare time right now, you aren’t going to grind, you aren’t going to try to win and you aren’t even considering to work out? I already started my plans, and I’m already far ahead of you because I don’t need the glorification of a holiday in order for me to motivate myself since we all know how long that motivation lasts.


“Leave your ego at the door when you enter the poker table” is what the losers will tell you. I say break the window or tear down the walls – your ego has to come with you! Start acting, play the role of a winner, start believing and start achieving. Intimidate others; show them no fear and no respect. When you can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror because you are so amazed of the reflection in front of your eyes, you’re on the right path.


Love yourself more than others, at least show yourself that much self-respect. If someone was to put a price tag on my self-worth the number would be so big and unimaginable that we’d rather discuss if they aren’t actually in fact overvaluing themselves – because we all know that I AM THE BEST. If you don’t feel like you are worth it, then it’s not worth it, because your attitude reflects your achievements in life, feel like a million bucks and start winning a million bucks.


Never settle, always improve and never give up. In my eyes confidence and arrogance should go hand in hand as well as with honesty. Be a man and admit your mistakes, but never think you aren’t good enough, because that’s a lie. Work hard and prove to yourself and others that it was worth it, show them accomplishment they’d like to achieve, wear the role of cockiness and make them hate you for being so successful. Make people use all their energy on wishing you bad luck, instead of wishing themselves some good fortune. Believe and achieve guys, the future is now dreaming about you, you aren’t dreaming about it, because you know it will happen, you’re just asking yourself – when do I want to achieve? HAPPY EXTREMLY SPECIAL AND UNDERRATED WEDENSDAY IN DECEMBER.