Hello, wanted to make a positive post today; because I'm very pleased with my play. If I wasn't resultorientated in any way I would be so happy right now, and I am, but the results(which are non-excitant) are so bad that they affect me.


Today is one of the days in a long time where I've been so pleased with my play that I think I'm playing my best poker of my life again. However, I make mistakes; I know what I do wrong - but I'm finally playing the poker I capitalized on.. BEING FEARLESS. I've been running over tables for 13hours today, had a lot of great reads, but lack of lay downs. I've had a few two pairs vs better two pairs, and lost a lot, lost to runner runner str8/flush/trips, but whatever. I've had coolers, and despite hitting every flop and making people so scared they tighten up, I'm still not getting any results. And  that is very dissapointing due to the fact that I've had so many spot on reads today, I'm 3betting so much people just stop raising, they just hand me their chips. And every hour they have a 5minute break that PokerStars made for them so I can be taken off my game, but I don't, I'm in the zone. 


It's been a very long session as mentioned over, but I am extremly pleased with my play. Could've/would've/should've played a lot of hands different, and I'm learning from it. Only problem is that I have an extremly limited bankroll right now and I should've won a few of the tournaments I've played. Been big stacks in almot every tournament. But no wins... yet.