This is a league that attracts a lot of novice players, nothing wrong with that, we are here to learn. There are bad, good and decent players that knows about the leaderboard and other that doesn't which makes it fun when some are only aiming for winning that particular one tournament and 1% is clocking their way up to the leaderboard.


This month I've decided  to aim for 1st place, mainly because I lost almost my entire bankroll, and first place is almost >1/3 of what I lost. I've played this league seriously twice, my first month playing poker, and some months ago where I couldn't put in enough volume. But this month I am more experienced and I know what to do in order to win - and I can put in enough volume.


As for right now we are still early in the month, so I'm testing out tactics. Rather than only playing QQ+ or AK and clock until I have 0,111BBs and I am forced to go all-in I am trying to resort to new tactic. Some of it is working very well, others are kind of bad, but I really want to optimize my deep runs, to get more pts every run, and minimize my losses. So this little testperiod is really important for that. However, you can't deal with the variance unless you put in a lot of volume, and the variance can be harsh since if you get AA first hand and play it, and you lose, you will be out too early and you will lose too many pts. So some people will fold it since they risk too much. So right now I'm trying to figure out what to do, since I've lost a few tournaments now being unlucky, and that doesn't affect my rating as for right now, but later it will.


You can follow my progress by checking the leaderboard regularly or this forumpost that I've made. And you are allowed to post your views, experiences or whatever: