Hello, there's been sometime since I started posting again, and the reason for this is because I almost lost my entire bankroll. I'm a person who doesn't really believe in downswings, I know you can get unlucky over a period of time, but after that it's basically your play that has become worse. And I just experience this, I felt unlucky, started getting frustrated, tilted, blamed everything for being unlucky, started playing tournaments then stopping right away. One of my strengths in poker is to always look for ways to win a pot, when I'm tilted and tired I start tighting up and become disinterested in everything that's happening. And when I was getting unlucky and tilted, I played higher buy-ins without even playing my A-game, started chasing my losses and made them even bigger. I quit using what has been my momentum every game; and started playing too tight and straight forward boring ABC poker. So from a 4.1k bankroll I lost everything and had 600dollars on an account that I had withdrawn some weeks before this, which I had to deposit again.



Still tilting I lost 300dollars in one day, and I was really down, everything I had worked for was gone over a few days. But don't you ever forget who I am. On the 29th of April I pushed for Goldstar and I managed it with about 3hours, with the new motivation I started playing less tables again and concentrating on winning pots where people showed weakness. And from a 300dollar bankroll I'm up to 750 now, I've decided not to chase my losses, but rather focusing on improving my game, avoid tilt and try to achieve x amount of money by this month.


Goals for May:

-Maintain Goldstar status(for extra FPPs)

-Top 2k TLB(doesn't do much, other than trying to get a lot of good results)

-Build my bankroll up to 2k


It's been a bumpy road since I deposited 100dollars in January, but atleast I'm learning something.... hopefully!