Hello, I've been running extremly deep lately, on Saturday I was playing the Saturday Eliminator and I was chipleader for 2-3hours. I ended up losing two flips 99 vs AK, he got nut flush, and AT vs QJs, he got his J on the turn. These beats were extremly devestating to me, and I was crushed, but...


On Sunday I played the Sunday Storm and I min. cashed had a few momemnts where I outplayed opponents, and were good assigning their hand ranges. So motivated I was and started a big session on Monday, however I was still tilting due to the fact that I was so close to be making big money in the Saturday Eliminator.


So with tilting a lot of money away from my BR I realised I needed a break, with about 2-3tables I started playing my A-game and got CL in a few tournaments. Was actually supposed to leave 11R tournament, but misclicked rebuy, and this is where the sickness starts. I was CL there for around 3hours and we had played for 6, on the FT bubble I get AA, I flat from BTN, I've been extremly active. Flop is T85 and a flush draw so I reraise the cbet, and the initial raiser shoves, I think about what he can have, and put him on a draw. He has the flush draw, which he gets on the river and since I had just lost a big pot before this one, I was out. 7.6K dollars to the winner, I got shy 400dollars or whatever, doesn't matter - does it? Didn't win.


So I also finished 3place in 5.50 1k Cap, 147place in big 4.40 str8 vs flush, 10th place in the 11R, 6place in 4.40 2R1A AK vs KJ J river. And of course this made me tilt a lot again, EXTREMLY TILTING. I was still playing 11 1R1A when I got dealt A6o LP, I got 3bet big a tight guy, and since it was bubble I decided to go for Fold Equity, eventhough I know he is never folding something like AK. So with that in mind I actually gave him a hand like AK he called and I was caught gambling, I flopped a 6 and he turned a flush. GOOD NIGHT IM SO TIRED AND I HATE POKER RIGHT NOW. Hope I never decide to log on again.